A Bridgerton Dream: Capturing Timeless Romance at Cypress Grove Estate House

June 8th, 2024

When our friend Ally invited us to a Bridgerton-inspired shoot, we couldn't pass up the chance. Ally, who not only modeled but also set everything up with her connections, had a clear vision. She wanted to recreate the future wedding of Penelope and Colin from Bridgerton. We, along with a group of talented photographers, each brought our unique touch to this enchanting concept.


Cypress Grove Estate House was the perfect backdrop. With its historic charm and lush surroundings, it felt like stepping into another era. The dresses were nothing short of spectacular. We had two breathtaking gowns by @danytabet, courtesy of @solutionsbridal. The intricate details and timeless elegance of these dresses were a photographer's dream.


The magic didn't stop there. Our collaboration with @fairbanksflorist and @aurorafable brought even more beauty to the shoot. The floral arrangements and flawless hair styling perfectly complemented the Bridgerton theme, adding an extra layer of elegance to our photos.


One of the highlights for me was experimenting with my new favorite setup, the AD300 with the MagMod XL. This combo is a game-changer. It's small, compact, and easy to carry, making it ideal for on-location shoots. Plus, it handles wind like a champ, unlike larger modifiers. The ability to quickly switch from hard light to a softer, more diffused look by simply adding or removing the dome was a huge advantage. Using an ND filter allowed me to balance the bright sunlight and keep the lighting just right.


Our models, @ally.gursky and @2460khan, were phenomenal. Ally's resemblance to Penelope and her connection to the character made the shoot even more special. Their enthusiasm and dedication brought the vision to life beautifully. Without Ally's idea and connections, this shoot wouldn't have been possible.


Working on this Bridgerton-inspired shoot was not just a creative endeavor, but also a lesson in versatility and lighting. Even though I haven't watched Bridgerton, this project opened my eyes to new possibilities and might just inspire me to dive into the series.


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