Celebrating Artistic Excellence: My Journey with FlashMasters

August 29th, 2023

I'm beyond thrilled to share some exciting newsβ€”I've won FlashMasters awards! For those unfamiliar, FlashMasters is a global community that celebrates the world's best flash photography. And guess what? I've been honored with πŸ₯‡ 1 Gold and πŸ₯ˆ 3 Silver awards!

The FlashMasters Community

FlashMasters is more than just an awards platform; it's a hub for photographers to learn, grow, and showcase their work. They offer bi-monthly awards and a wealth of educational content, from interviews to podcasts. I first discovered FlashMasters through a "How I Shot It" video on the MagMod website and was instantly drawn to the community.



My Award-Winning Journey

Let's talk about the photos that brought home these awards:


  • The Gold Winner: A futuristic, robot-themed full-body paint portrait of my partner, Tabitha Hayden, all in mesmerizing blue tones.
  • The Silver Winners:
    • A captivating shot of model Zuri adorned with a gold earpiece and dramatic light rays, all in golden tones.
    • A beauty headshot featuring creative makeup and unique lighting to highlight the eyes.
    • A Kintsugi-themed portrait featuring Tabitha with white makeup and blue flower designs. The center of her face is illuminated, while the sides and her white headpiece are in shadow.

Tabitha not only served as the model but also was the artist behind the incredible body paint and makeup. Her contribution was invaluable in achieving these award-winning shots.


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